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Oxotech 300 kit Unboxing Video-Stainless Weld Cleaning Pakistan

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Oxotech-Stainless steel Weld Cleaning and Passivation in One GO!

Oxotech 300 machine and all accessories

See Unboxing of Oxotech 300 kit. There are two cartoons.One for Oxotech 300 machine and second for Oxotech Accessories.

Oxotech weld cleaning Kit contains:

  • 1xOxotech weld cleaning machine

  • 1x Black teflon handle

  • 1x shaft

  • 1x sleeve

  • 1xBlack terminal wire

  • 1xRed terminal wire

  • 1xpack of 2 Oxobrush

  • 1litre x weld cleaning liquid

  • ​1xpair of gloves

  • 1x glasses

  • 1xJar for liquid

  • 1xspray bottle

  • 1xMicrofiber cloth

  • Usb with user manual​ If you have any questions please comment below.

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