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Cost Comparison of Oxotech Weld Cleaning and Pickling Paste

Oxotech is anelectrochemical process to clean Stainless Steel welds. It removes heat tint, oxidation etc. Oxotech System not only cleans weld but also passivates the area where it is applied.

Oxotech system uses OxoBrush and Weld Cleaning liquid as a consumable

How much does Pickling paste cost / meter?

1 litre of pickling paste cleans maximum 80 meters of weld which approximately costs Rs 2200/80(meter) = Rs 27.5 / meter

How much does Oxotech Weld Cleaning Cost / meter?

​1 litre of Oxotech cleaning fluid and 1 OxoBrush cleans 200-250 meters of weld which costs

(weld cleaning fluid Rs 1500 + OxoBrush Rs500) = Rs2000.

Rs2000/250 meters = Rs 8-10/meter only.

Cost comparison also includes Health safety of User and Ease of Use.

Oxotech electrochemical process is Fastest, Safest, Environment friendly.

Instead of waiting too long. Now Control of Fast Weld Cleaning in Your Own Hands!

Combination of Weld cleaning fluid and Oxobrush Cleans Weld with in few seconds.

Oxotech weld cleaning liquid is derived from food grade chemicals which makes it safer for the worker.

Pickling paste contains hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid(very strong acid) which can cause 

  • Hydrofluoric acid is absorbed into skin and reacts with bones(calcium) which causes serious injury in your internal body. 

  • ​Its fumes causes serious breathing problems

  • Serious burns on skin

Very complex procedure is used to apply and remove pickling paste.

After applying pickling paste you have to wait for 30 minutes. So pickling paste is a very slow process to clean welds.


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